Monstera Trio
Monstera Trio

Monstera Trio

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Killing Houseplants was the origin of these Monstera leaves

An exasperated Katie (we're two colour-loving, metal-making sisters) said to Amy "I need a plant that is BIG, BOLD and brings large amounts of GREEN into my home, but requires ZERO maintenance!"

Your Monstera leaves come with 6 pins in this tag to fix it to a wall. They are intended for indoors but can be put outside: refer to METcALfe website for outdoor care instructions.

Scratches, dents and marks are all part of their previous life sailing the high seas and being carried by forklift trucks around warehouses. Some will also have branding, graphics and text on them....if you have one of those in your hand, purchase it quickly, they are RARE!


the largest leaf measures aprox 48cm


please note due to the nature of each product being cut from a repurposed 44gallon drum they could be different pattern/finish